Friday, January 27, 2017

#153 X is for Xiang Peach Blossoms (Day 27 of 30 Paintings)

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It was NOT easy coming up with an inspiring painting idea for the letter "x"!  All I could think of for the longest time was a xylophone...but I really didn't want to paint it.  I've never been to Xiang...though I did live in Asia for 2 years after I graduated from college.  I found this picture on Pixabay.  Originally, I had some other things painted in the background but I felt like it was kind of confusing.  I took that part out.  Not sure if it is better like this or the way it was.  Only 2 more letters in the alphabet...and I actually already painted them tonight!  If I have time, I'll try to paint one more picture to complete all 30 paintings.  

5x7 inch oil on gessobord.  Email me at
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