Monday, January 16, 2017

#141 N is for Novel (Day 15 of 30 Paintings)

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This painting was my second attempt of trying to paint something for the letter "N".  My first attempt was a napkin.  I liked the napkin but didn't like the overall painting.  So I went a different route and I like this one a lot.  I had a lot of fun painting the edges of the apple.  I also took my time with the initial drawing.  Sometimes I am sloppy with the drawing and it causes problems once I start painting.  I also tried to be thoughtful about the composition.  I recently sent an email to one of my favorite artists, Carol Marine, and asked her for some feedback.  She responded very quickly and was incredibly gracious.  She encouraged me to work on my compositions.  So I want to give more time and attention to that.  I love to read.  The novels in this painting are two that I read years ago, "The Help" and "A Thousand Splendid Suns".

Here was my first attempt.  I'm not listing it on Daily Paintworks, but send me an email if you are interested in purchasing!

6x6 inch oil on gessobord.  Email me at
Thank you for viewing my art!

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