Thursday, January 5, 2017

#130 It's a Trap! (Day 5 of 30 Paintings)

SOLD (6x6 in.)

I had the hardest time getting a photo of this painting.  No matter what, I could not get it without a glare.  I'll try to take a better photo after it has dried more.  I'm still painting my way through the alphabet for the 30 day challenge, but I'm taking a little detour today.  I wanted to paint something for this week's Daily Paintworks Challenge and since there aren't 30 letters in the alphabet...I think it will still work!  I painted this on Tuesday while my daughter was at Parent's Day Out.  Normally I would have been at work, but didn't have work that day. It was so nice to paint during the day with NO interruptions!  I thought the strawberries looked like they were running away from the glass bowl...hence, the title.  I love painting strawberries, by the way.

The challenge this week was to use complimentary colors, but use one of the colors much more than the other.  So I painted this one with more green than red.  I also worked hard at simplifying the glass bowl.  Hopefully it all worked!  

6x6 inch oil on gessobord.  Email me at
Thank you for viewing my art!

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