Friday, October 28, 2016

#96 Places to Go

Not for Sale (7x5 inch)

Not sure why, but I had the desire to paint a seagull.  Not living near the coast, I found a lot of reference photos on pixabay.  The photo I used as a reference for this painting was the one my husband picked.  It wasn't exactly what I had in mind...he seemed a bit more challenging with all the speckles on his head than some of the other birds whose heads were solid white.  It was hard to figure out how I wanted to handle the details.  On this painting journey, I just keep telling myself to take things one day at a time.  To me, this bird seems like he has some place to be...he's on a mission.

So far this week, I've painted Christmas, Fall and now summer.  Can't seem to make up my mind!  

7x5 inch oil on gessobord.  Email me at
Thank you so much for viewing my art!  That means a lot to me.  To see more:

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