Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Morning Coffee

I painted this picture last Saturday but I'm just now getting around to posting it on the blog.  It was a tough one and I'm surprised that I was able to finish it during my daughter's nap...though it was a long nap!  I painted it from a photo that I took last summer when I was in Austin with my husband for a friend's wedding.  We had breakfast the next morning at a great place called Kirby Lane.  The most challenging part for me was getting the shape of the mug correct.  I know that the ellipse still isn't quite accurate.  It was also challenging to get all of the colors on the mug correct.  I'm pretty sure the high lights are too light.  Probably not supposed to point out the flaws...oh well!  The coffee creamer was actually the most fun part to paint...and the background.

Painted on 8x10 wrapped canvas.  Email me at if interested in purchasing.  Thank you!!!

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