Friday, May 27, 2016

Painting No1: Bell Pepper

Click to buy! (6x6 in.)

This painting was my first attempt at using oils since I was 12 years old...that was awhile ago :)  Soooooo different from using acrylics, but I loved it!  The painting is still wet...not sure how long it will take to dry.  My acrylic paintings dried so fast.  I now understand how oil painters are able to get their edges to kind of bleed into the background.  I don't know if it happened in the right place but that is what happened on the left side of the pepper.  I was pretty intimidated getting started and had really low expectations.  But I'm really pleased with how it turned out!  Started working on another painting of a bell pepper during my daughter's nap today.  If it turns out decent I'll post it too!  I also have another painting I finished a few days ago that I will post soon.  

6x6 oil on canvas.  Email me at!

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