Saturday, March 11, 2017

#176 Colorful Challenge Avocado & #177 Avocado in the Sun

SOLD (5x7 inch)

Really enjoyed painting this avocado today!  I also painted it yesterday for the DPW "Colorful Challenge", but I don't like how it turned out.  I would like to try something like it again, though.  The challenge was to take a reference photo in black and white and paint it with color.  The colors were to be unexpected.  I just didn't like the color combination.  I have family from Texas visiting all week so I probably won't be painting as much.  Hope to get a few snuck in though!

5x7 inch oil on gessobord

Here is the photo while it was still in black and white.  

5x7 inch oil on gessobord.  Email me at
Thank you for viewing my art!

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