Thursday, June 9, 2016

Painting No. 9: Seeing Double

My daughter found this flower on the tree in our backyard this morning and wanted me to snip it off for her.  I thought it might be kind of fun to paint!  So we stuck it in a vase and I snapped some pictures of it.  I'll be honest, I didn't realize until AFTER I finished painting it that I had basically cut the canvas in half with the composition.  I'm kind of bummed about that.  I got distracted by the shadow and how cool it looked on the wall.  So I'm making the best of it and naming this painting "Seeing Double"!  

I'm thinking about re-activating my membership at Daily Paintworks and trying to sell some of my paintings again.  The monthly fee is $12.95 per month, which isn't too bad.  I'm also thinking about trying to sell through their auctions. 

6x6 oil on gessobord.  Email me at if interested in purchasing!

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