Sunday, June 12, 2016

Paintings No. 10 and 11: Eggs in a Bowl, Egg Drama and 500 Paintings

Click to buy!  6x6 oil on gessobord

This painting is my second attempt at painting eggs.  Back-lit eggs are hard!  I also had a hard time getting the color of the photo to match the color in the painting.  Oh well. 

6x6 oil on gessobord

This was the first attempt at eggs.  I actually like the color of the eggs better in this painting but the bowl and measuring cup are a mess!  My favorite part of this painting is where the shadow and the white of the bowl meet on the right side.  I like the way it glows in the warm light.  

I was reminded of a quote by one of my favorite artists this weekend.  
"If you want to be good at anything, you've got to put in the time.  I've heard it put two ways, and I like them both.  You've either got to do five hundred paintings, or put in ten thousand hours before you start doing work you can be really proud of.  Either way, that's a lot of brush miles and a whole lot of practice paintings!"

-Carol Marine, "Daily Painting"

So I've decided now that I'm learning to use oil paints, I'm going to start numbering them and start working towards 500 paintings!

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