Monday, June 15, 2015

Companions- Sold

I've had so much trouble trying to paint anything red but I finally found a color that I like...Cadmium Red Medium.  I used that and some Cadmium Red Light for the more saturated parts of the tomatoes.  
When I bought these tomatoes at the grocery store I really only needed one but I thought I should keep them together.  They looked like little me!

Original acrylic painting on 8x8 wrapped canvas.  Available for purchase here

Please email me at with any questions!

The initial sketch of this painting

A few people have asked me how I got into painting. About 25 years ago, I took oil painting classes for a year or two (ugh...shows my age!)  Every once in a while I would talk with my husband about how I would like to paint again but there just never seemed to be a good opportunity or space to try it.

This past Christmas he gave me acrylic paints and brushes as a gift.  I was really excited but completely intimidated!  I barely looked at it for over a month.  Then a woman at my church hosted a "Word and Palette" session one afternoon and my friend and I decided to go to it together.  It was my first time to use acrylic paints.  The painting below was what I made.

That experience gave me the little push I needed to begin experimenting with the paints that I'd received for Christmas.  The painting below is the first painting I did at home with my new paints.  It has a lot of personal significance to honor of my son who passed away at 8 weeks old.  It's the hope that I've clung to over the last few years as I've walked the path of grief and loss.  

After that I started creating some paintings that were inspired by Rifle Paper Co.  

But I had the itch to try painting more loosely and so a couple of months ago I sat down at my kitchen table (aka my "studio" ha!) and painted this.  

It was so fun!  So I kept painting more freely and haven't looked back!

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