Saturday, July 18, 2015

Free to Be Me- SOLD

I painted this for another Daily Paintworks Challenge called "Free to Be Me"....

 "When are you the "most you", when you aren't filling the role of parent, provider, friend, or even artist; when there are no expectations from other people or from yourself? What fills you with peace, recharges your batteries, refreshes you? Paint the activity or object or location that represents you being simply yourself. You don't need to show a face or body unless you want to. Maybe it's gardening, watching the sun come up from the back porch (with your favorite coffee mug), riding a motorcycle, bird watching, training a pony, weaving, carpentry, baking, journaling, jogging, sunbathing, hiking, relaxing in a comfy chair late at night after the kids are in bed, or when it's just you and the dog. Or maybe it's a special location where you feel totally part of the environment. Stay "in the moment" as you paint it and let yourself go. Painting is ultimately personal. Give yourself permission to express yourself in your art. Have fun!"

I chose to paint my journal and cup of coffee.  I've journaled off an on for 20ish years.  Journaling has always been a way for me to connect with the Lord, praying and processing.  I know that God loves me no matter what, and that I can be completely honest with Him about everything going on in my heart.  Though I haven't journaled as consistently the last few years, I've seen that truth more than ever before during this season of life.  Thankful for my son, whom God used to grow me in being real and honest with Him and others.  Thankful that I'm free to be me with Him.  

Original acrylic painting on 8x10 wrapped canvas.  Available for purchase here

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